Full Circle Wild Garlic Scone

In March 2020, acclimatising to pandemic mode, I was establishing this blog and posting about wild garlic. Fastforward to March 2021 and I find myself in foraging mode again as the weather springs us forwards and signs of a fresh, new season can be i-spied all around. Perspectives shift with time and it’s the little things around us that impact strongly – buds, shoots and shades of green. Reality keeps pace with this generous-spirited season as we emerge from the tunnel of Covid restrictions and follow chinks of light. “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” Leonard Cohen

I love whiffy woodland walks as the ramsons (wild garlic) scent the air and carpet creep the ground. And so in homage to the full circling of this blog and because times are a changing, I’ve shed fresh light on the Wild Garlic & Cheese Scone recipe I posted last Spring.

Start by gathering together your chosen ingredients. For this version of a cheesy, spring green scone I used: 250g SR flour, 2 x 5ml (tea)spoons baking powder, 100g cubed feta cheese, a generous handful of wild garlic, fresh basil and coriander roughly chopped, 1 small finely chopped onion, 1 peeled and grated raw potato, 1 x 5ml spoon each of chilli flakes, dried mustard, zaatar and harissa, 1 egg, 2-4 x 15ml (table)spoons yogurt and milk.
Snipping fresh herbs and wild garlic with sharp kitchen scissors in a small bowl takes the hard work out of it.
Put 250g SR flour, 2 x 5ml (tea)spoons baking powder, chopped onion (red if you have one), grated potato and your chosen herbs, spices and seasonings in a mixing bowl.
Mix in 1 beaten egg and enough yogurt or milk (roughly 2-4 15ml (table)spoons) to form a ball of soft, but not sticky, dough.
Pull together and knead the dough very lightly (no-one wants a tough, overworked scone) and pop it into a well greased, 7 or 8″ loose-bottomed cake tin.
Pat down the dough so it fills the tin and just reaches the edges.
Glaze with a little beaten egg and/or top with grated cheese. Score the top with a knife into 8 cake-wedge portions and bake in the oven for 10-20 mins until golden brown.
Cool slightly on release from the oven, remove from tin and cut or break into the generous wedges.
You can serve with chutneys and relishes for an extra kick, but if bare necessities is what you are after, all it needs is to be warm from the oven and lashed with butter or your choice of spread.

I leave you with 3 Seasons to be cheerful 1,2,3
1 have a wild time and change up the cheese by trying a blue cheese, strong Cheddar or Tasty Lancashire – all work well.
2 herbs too can be varied – chives and thyme being good options.
3 wild garlic is abundant in shops and woodlands in March/April. So live in the moment, catch the wild garlic season whilst you can and check out some of my favourite ways of going Wild about Garlic.