What you can expect:

  • Musings and meanderings around good grub + glug
  • Writing about what I know, experience and feel
  • A dipping in and out of topics 
  • An expression of my foodie roots 
  • Sharing my know-how with those who want to know how

HEALTH WARNING: FoodForum is a personal project put out publicly for those who share my (pun warning) cooky interests – things that amuse, bemuse, educate, inspire and thrill about food.

So, if it doesn’t float your cupcake there is no need to waste your time letting me know – if it isn’t for you, I won’t be offended.

About me


I’m fascinated by what people make of the resources they have at their disposal. Right now I’m noticing a resurgence of home produced, locally sourced ingredients – a nod to nostalgia, vintage ways and a celebration of one’s roots, skills and customs. Maybe that says more about my age and life experience than anything. And living in the context of all that is Covid-19 has also put a different perspective on life, including food – its sourcing, production, availability, preparation and the challenge of nurturing a more sustainable relationship with our food.


I’m from a family who never like to be more than arm’s reach from a scone, a nice cuppa and a sit-down. So my antennae have always been out around food.

At school I developed an interest in food and consumer issues that set me up for life. 

Defying career’s advice at the time (1978) suggesting Domestic Science was a subject only for those that were not bright enough to do anything else, I opted for a degree in Home Economics and Public Media Studies. I’ve always found Housecraft, Domestic Science, Home Economics to be anything but a dumbed down disciple. It’s a gender thing. The multi-disciplinary approach served me well and my horizons remain broad.

A placement at The Good Housekeeping Institute in 1980 introduced me to the world of consumer advice, product and recipe development and food writing – not quite in the context that felt best for me. Instead I moved into teaching food, consumer and technology education in schools. From there I took a leap into educational research, curriculum development, authoring of resources, advisory work and teacher training. 

Since 2001 I have been part of the core team of DigiSmart and my involvement continues to this day on a volunteer basis. DigiSmart is a motivating educational programme designed to improve children’s literacy and learning, harnessing the power of the digital medium. DigiSmart is now widely available via a portfolio of published educational apps.


Once a foodie always a foodie – I have engaged in offering food education advice, curriculum guidance and teaching materials to schools and have been writing about food and related issues in one guise or another for the best part of 40 years. I have no plans to stop, only to diversify/ flex according to the needs of teachers and schools.

I continue to be available on a consultancy basis for teacher professional development and authorship of educational resources for schools. For enquiries you can reach me by hitting the CONTACT button below.

So, here I am blogging = writing about and recording my thoughts, ideas and experiences on the Internet for others to tap into. 

That’s all … the rest is up to you … make something of it … digest and enjoy.